Happy Accidents and the Good Kind of Breakup

I heard about this a few years ago (as the article mentions, the original buzz was around 2014) and I’m glad it’s resurfaced because it’s some great news for coral reefs that everyone should know about! It’s reeeeeal old news that corals are in some serious trouble. Conservation efforts are an uphill battle due to the long time it takes most species to reach sexual maturity and start reproducing – about 25-75 years. Turns out, if you apply Dr. David Vaughan’s fragmentation method, you can get corals to reach maturity in just 3 years. Even better, you can acclimatize them to low pH environments, increasing their chance of surviving our rapidly acidifying ocean. Click the link for the full (short) story and kudos to BBC 1 for resurfacing this important info! I’m going to do some digging this week to see how Dr. Vaughan is coming on planting his million corals, so check back next Friday for an update! R.A.D.

Scientist’s accidental discovery makes coral grow 40x faster

Image from: http://thegivingreport.heraldtribune.com/2016/06/09/161/


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