Terminator 2: The Babysitter’s Club

Call back to the first R.A.D. as Hell newsflash featuring the starfish-killing robot – an update to that drone has it acting as a babysitter instead and delivering thousands of larval corals to Australia’s reefs. Which is oddly similar to the plot progression from Terminator to Terminator 2, strangely enough. Regardless, this is a cool new use of the technology to supplement restoration of reefs where replenishment is unlikely to occur naturally due to 50% or more of corals dying in bleaching events caused by global climate change. Certified R.A.D.

For more coral reef restoration (in a humorous, clever format) check out the feature-length Science Translation¬†If the Coral Ain’t Broke…Well, Maybe We Should Try Breaking It?

This undersea robot just delivered 100,000 baby corals to the Great Barrier Reef



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