Let’s Go Camping, Who’s Bringing the GORP?

Photograph by Michael Lombardi, National Geographic

New ‘tent’ makes it possible to camp underwater

Those of you who don’t SCUBA dive may not be aware, but the deeper you go underwater, the less time you have to spend. At greater pressure, your body consumes more air and nitrogen gas builds up in your blood – so sometimes you only get minutes before you have to ascend. Unless, of course, you could just head into your portable underwater shelter, relax, and stay awhile. Such was the dream of a National Geographic explorer and NYU professor when they developed this ‘tent’… I guess that’s a good word for it? Honestly, I’m a little skeptical of this thing and would love to see some pictures of the inside. I just can’t quite wrap my head around the feasibility of supposedly eating and even sleeping in this thing. But these guys have been diving with it so it must be Certified R.A.D. Carry on, campers!

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