Fernandina Giant Tortoise Announces Reunion Tour of the Galápagos

Photo by Rodrigo Buendía/AFP/Getty Images

Giant tortoise believed extinct for 100 years found in Galápagos

Ok, ok, I know this is not technically marine science related, but I’m going to say islands count. Especially the Galápagos since their unique ecosystem is defined by oceanic isolation. And this ties in nicely to last weeks post about endangered species.

Just recently, a species of giant tortoise thought to be extinct was found to be very much not extinct at all (the word for that is extant). Did anyone else besides me even know there was more than one species of giant tortoise on these islands? Nobody had seen one of these babies for 113 forkin’ years, guys. Holee schmolee. The agencies involved have their fingers that some others have survived and a breeding program can be established to bring these guys back from the dead. That would be totally Certified R.A.D. (the D is for Darwin – GET IT??).

I’ll leave you with with the wonderful sounds of nature.

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