WILSOOOOOOON! (Come Clean Up This Plastic)

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The Ocean Cleanup – Updates

Putting the Ocean Cleanup back on blast (in a good way; though they have received some rough press lately). When we last checked in at the end of October, System 001 (now affectionately named Wilson) had just been deployed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) to be tested out fo’ real. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned, and they’ve had to make the tough decision to bring Wilson home for some brainstorming and upgrades.

These guys are the first to admit that this thing is very much still in development and are committed to staying hard on the grind even though they’re not finding the success they want. It’s important that we all remember the scale of what they’re trying to do – clean up both plastic pieces ranging from mighty to minuscule from an area the size of Texas using a passive floating system subject to highly variable weather and ocean conditions – before we jump down their throats. With Wilson at least partially working as intended, I have high hopes that the Ocean cleanup will get him Certified R.A.D. in no time!

See parts one and two of this series.

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