Never Trust Happy Hour

Last Thursday I attended a presentation about local sea level rise completely unaware of the crushing despair and expensive therapy bills this decision would leave me with. There was a happy hour beforehand for chrissakes. How bad could it be? (Tellingly, it was a booze-free happy hour. My first sign?). Very bad, Johnny, very bad indeed. I learned just how much of good ol’ Portland, ME (2018 Restaurant City of the Year, holla’) was going to flood and/or be underwater in short order – even under the “good” climate change scenarios.

The upside is I got to play with some bitchin’ interactive maps and I was reminded of something crucial: we have to talk about this stuff. At this point, sea level rise is inevitable. It’s going to be disruptive to life across the planet. We can’t do anything to fight back or adapt if people are ignorant of the reality, so as much as I try to use this site as a platform for positivity, sometimes it’s necessary to cover the heavy stuff too. And there’s positivity, and optimism, and hope even here because if we’re talking about this, and informed, and woke (lol) then we can come together to find solutions.

We got real real there for a second, so go look at some fun maps of the whole country! Thanks to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and the Sierra Club for getting me woke AF to sea level rise.

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