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Image from below article, copyright Olivier Mesnage.

Catalyzing the Blue Revolution: How Investors Can Turn the Tide on Aquaculture

More aquaculture-related content, my lovelies! This time, a guide from The Nature Conservancy and investment firm Encourage Capital on what kinds of aquaculture you should be investing in for a sustainable future. You know, for all of you venture capitalists tuning in weekly for my hot takes. But seriously, it’s cool to see this kind of thing being directed at the folks with the big bucks – what do they call that? Social entrepreneurship? Investing with a conscience? Whatever.

One of the methods highlighted is a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) like the kind I talked about in my last post being used to raise salmon in Maine. My favorite, though, is the near-shore shellfish (oyster, clam, scallop) and seaweed farming – what the authors call an “easy sell”. That’s because farming these species isn’t just sustainable, if you do it right there are often environmental benefits such as improved water quality, habitat for other critters, and more! I tell everyone who asks that if they’re want to feel good about eating seafood, they should eat farmed shellfish. Everything else is varying degrees of… shellfish behavior. But really, you don’t have to fork over millions to make a difference, you can speak with the dollars you’ve got right at the supermarket or restaurant table. A Certified R.A.D. investment opportunity for yuppies and yokels alike.

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