If You Can’t Get Tix for Hamilton, Whales Can Be Your Consolation

Image from Artie Raslich, Gotham Whale.

Whales Seen In Hundreds Off NYC Shores, Drawn By Cleaner Waters

What are your thoughts on New York City? Most populous and most densely populated city in the United States of America; the largest metropolitan area in the world; headquarters of the United Nations; home to more than 3.2 million immigrants (roughly 3/8 of the population); 800+ languages are spoken there; and it boasts the most billionaires of anywhere. Shall I further paraphrase the Wikipedia page? Call me a fool, but nothing about any of that says “540% increase in humpback whale sightings since 2010 according to the excellently-named marine mammal non-profit Gotham Whale“.

Some of the world’s largest creatures on the doorstep of one of its largest cities, maybe like attracts like. More likely (heh) the whales are there -because it’s a good place to get a meal. And that’s the root of the feel-good story here: cleanup of the Hudson River, harbor, and surrounding waters has been successful in bringing surge of menhaden – a gross fish (author’s opinion), but one of the foundational blocks of the Atlantic marine ecosystem (and American history).

So add humpback whales to your list of sights to see in NYC, because they’re just as R.A.D. as any of those buildings and shit.

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