The Cure for Crushing Ennui: Wastewater Management

Photo from Phil’s 1stPix.

There’s Another Thing Killing The Coral Reefs, And We Can Actually Fix This Problem

Is the constant existential threat of the looming climate crisis always harshing your mellow? Do you wish there were more opportunities to address the problem locally? Do you live in southern Florida??

Then you’ll be happy to hear about this research connecting coral bleaching in the Looe Key Sanctuary Preservation Area to agricultural and urban runoff wastewater. I say happy because this is a direct cause and effect that’s a bit more addressable than the global reliance on fossil fuels. In short, scientists found that even when waters warmed above the bleaching threshold of 30.5 Celsius, corals only bleached when nutrient levels were thrown out of whack by runoff.

It’s a R.A.D. reminder that there are local solutions we can take to solve local problems even though they may be caused or exacerbated by global climate change.

See here for more about maintaining that strong PMA in the face of all the doom and gloom.

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