Shark-on-Shark Violence is Really Just Foreplay

Image from the below article and courtesy of OCEARCH.

What Would Bite a 13-Foot Shark Around the Head? Something ‘Very Big,’ Experts Say

Ok, ok, I understand that this article is a little sensational in playing up the “sharks as dangerous killing machines” angle a bit too much, however, it’s got some rad revelations as well. First, did you know white sharks (as in great white sharks) regularly bite each others’ heads? According to non-profit research organization OCEARCH’s Founding Chairman Chris Fischer: “This is an every day part of their life.” Holy shit that is metal. Apparently it doesn’t slow them down too much either – they’re basically the Wolverine of the sea and capable of healing quite quickly.

The second, arguably rad-der revelation is that all this head-biting may indicate OCEARCH has found the long-sought white shark mating grounds in the North Atlantic. Because, again according to Chris Fischer, “shark mating is very violent.” Of course, there are other clues (like male sharks full of sperm hanging around the area), but love-bites from hell are a significant piece of the puzzle. Given that white sharks (like many sharks) are a highly migratory species known to travel thousands of thousands of miles annually – making them tough to study – finding this potential mating ground is a Really Awesome Development (it’s R.A.D. See what I did there?).

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