Fish Are ‘Born Again’ Via Bird Butt

Rad diagram from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. "Fish Eggs Can Hatch After Being Eaten and Pooped Out by Ducks" But actually, let me provide this wonderful slice of science with some context. You see, there's been an unresolved question about how fish colonize and populate isolated bodies of water for some... Continue Reading →

A Two-Up For Kathy Sullivan

Photo by Enrique Alvarez / EYOS Expeditions First American Woman to Walk in Space Reaches Deepest Spot in the Ocean Do you have a one-up story? Like some experience you have in your back pocket that you can whip out when everyone else is talking about the cool shit they've done? Or maybe you're a... Continue Reading →


Donate: Black Lives Matter Global Network Community Justice Exchange Emergency Response Fund The Bail Project The Minnesota Freedom Fund Protester Bail Funds by State / Area Campaign Zero NAACP Legal Defense Fund The American Civil Liberties Union Official George Floyd Memorial Fund I Run With Maud - Support for the Family of Ahmaud Arbery Stand... Continue Reading →

Inheriting Those Acid-Washed Genes

Pictured: Eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica). Ocean Acidification Impacts Oysters' Memory of Environmental Stress We're all pretty comfortable with the fact that we inherit our traits and characteristics from our parents in the form of DNA. We get a randomized half from mom, the other half from dad, and we're the resulting mix. But that stuff... Continue Reading →

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