Inheriting Those Acid-Washed Genes

Pictured: Eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica). Ocean Acidification Impacts Oysters' Memory of Environmental Stress We're all pretty comfortable with the fact that we inherit our traits and characteristics from our parents in the form of DNA. We get a randomized half from mom, the other half from dad, and we're the resulting mix. But that stuff... Continue Reading →

Cousteau’s Data, the Data for Cousteau

Image from Link: Measuring climate change, on the backs of scuba divers Quick, name your favorite marine scientist. Go ahead and do it. OK, now, I have three points to make about what you just said: Not enough of you said Sylvia Earle because she's a woman and the patriarchy exists (not that you're... Continue Reading →

“Alexa, Turn On the Jellyfish”

Cyborg Jellyfish Could One Day Explore the Ocean You know what's rad? G-D cyborgs. Darth Vader is a cyborg and arguably a better villain AND hero than any character in the most recent Star Wars trilogy. Robocop is a cyborg. Janelle Monáe is a cyborg, guys (ok, she's an android - but she’s in the... Continue Reading →

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